Wolf Creek, Oregon History
by Larry McLane

Always known as Wolf Creek, the town was established in 1872. Founded by Henry Smith, he also became the town's first postmaster when the office was established on June 9, 1882.

Wolf Creek became established as a lumber and supply center for both the Wolf Creek and Coyote Creek mines.
The Oregon and California Railroad named the Wolf Creek station, Almaden, causing quite a stir; in 1888 it was renamed Wolf Creek.

Wild, unfounded stories for years had Ben Holiday building the Wolf Creek Tavern in 1857 when, in fact, Henry Smith built it in 1883. Henry had a previous hotel he built of logs in the early 1870's.

Robert Booth and James Tuffs, Grants Pass bankers, purchased Henry's property from Henry's sons, Edward and Sylvester in 1894. William G. Smith, a retired minister, purchased the Smith property in 1908 from Dunbar and Kueykendal and platted the town and surrounding valley. False advertising about the orchard plats caused a fervor for years to come.

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