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African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
An Electronic Exhibition Catalog of stimulating art. Explore and learn about an ancient people.

A&A Pacific Products Gallery
Surf here to see a unique and fascinating internet site featuring gifts and collectibles, including Disney and Coca Cola animated musical items.

Atlantic Monthly
This magazine has been in circulation since 1857, and has is now online. Surf this way to read articles on such topics as art, politics, society and culture. This is a classy site.

Book Bytes, Inc.
Book Category List. Book Bytes is a on-line book store where you can find most of your favorite titles.

British Art Home
This is a regularly updated site with details on many subjects related to British contemporary art. The site includes information about painters, sculptors, photographers, new technologies, exhibitions in London, and more. Excellent creation!

Center for Creative Photography
If you are into photography, check out these University of Arizona artists on the Internet.

Center for New Media
This Web site is the first project of the Center for New Media, which was recently formed at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism.

Common Boundaries
Visit here to participate in Common Boundaries, an interactive magazine dedicated to music, art, fashion, poetry and literature. Here you can view the works of people all over the world, where no cultural boundaries exist. Why wait. Go now!

Dutch Film Festival Server
The Dutch Film Festival began September 20th and will continue until the 29th. Internet users can get access to information and screening guides plus live chat sessions with local celebrities, online previews, a film catalog, and more, all via Digital Region Utrecht.

Man at his best. Esquire on-line. Stop in. Check it out.

This is a on-line magazine with all kinds of great links and on-line articles, by no means is Hotwired for the timid so strap on your Komputer and enter the Hotwired home page.

Hunt's Art Photography
Now On line are pictures of Robert Morris Hunt's work. These were all taken in the early 80's in such places as France, Paris and the good ole U. S. of A..

InterArt is a 2,000-page World Wide Web that is a place to see the latest developments in Web design. The site offers three-dimensional (3-D) tours of exclusive real estate and resort hotels.

Metropolitan Museum
Hello Dali, Picasso, Rembrant and Van Gogh. Herein lies the collections of some of the world's most profound artists, maps of the museum, and guides to special events and displays. Surf and Seek now!

Minsky Online
This gallery features the books, paintings, sculptures, bookbindings, and MIDI music of Richard Minsky. You can purchase or peruse these works of art and see high-resolution images of everything in the collection..

Native American Art
Here within contains a spectacular display of Native American art. Many of these pictures are available for noncommercial use.

New Age Directory
If rap and soul isn't your gig, check out the New Age page.

Nightwatcher's Gallery
Visit here to see some awesome graphics. This site has many links to chat lines on the web which cover such topics as business, arts, sports, and fun. Why wait. Go now!

People Magazine
Read the latest issue of People magazine on the Internet. The bad news is that you need to print out the articles to read them in the bathroom.

Photo Collections by Time Life
Now take a look at the history of photography. This wonderful collection by Time Life contains photos dating back to the 19th century to modern photos of today. Come visit this ever evolving gallery at the following address:

Popular Mechanics
After you read People, go to Popular Mechanics. There are some good articles in this month's issue.

San Francisco Museum
Every museum has its own special exhibits, and the San Francisco Museum is known for its many photographic displays of earthquakes to hit the area ,as well as the Oakland fires.

Sonic State
Brand new on the web is Sonic State, whose mission is to promote new and established artists. You can download demos of top unsigned talent, get reviews of the latest equipment, and read tales of studio-woes.

Steve Cox's Place
Herein you will find four original art galleries, the Todd Rundgren Refuge, a Memphis music page, Gulliver's Hut and the famous IWave radio page. Good presentation and interesting information. Have fun!

Writers Guild Of America
This new Web site features writing tips, celebrity writer interviews, back issues of the guild's monthly magazine, The Journal, and links to extensive online resources for writers, as you'd expect from the Writers Guild of America, the professional body of many of the most famous writers in entertainment today.


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