All Seasons Staffing Service
Surf this way to get professional service from a firm that specializes in finding permanent or temporary contract job placements in the areas of medicine, engineering, technology, environment, programming, office support, and sales. Do it today!

Anywho Toll Free Directory
Why call directory assistance looking for a toll-free 800 number? Anywho and AT&T put the directory on the Internet.

ATT - New Technologies
Here within contains a demo freely available to surfers. ATT has been working on text to speech technology. Users who have a sound card can type in a message and then hear a playback of the message almost instantaneously. Cool Dude.

Attorney Yellow Pages
Check out this page if you need is a lawyer. At least there is no charge to search the many hundreds of thousands of listings and links to related resources.

Auditrack Simulated Brokerage
Visit Auditrack to invest just like the pros using a simulated brokerage program. You can find out if you made a million or lost it all. Perfect for those of us who don't know all the in and outs of investing.

Bigfoot Directory Inc.
Herein is a global directory of e-mail addresses with over three million current listings. Surfers can add their name and e-mail address with just a click of the mouse or they can search without charge. A perfect source for the business minded. Kool!

Books AtoZ -- Publishing Resources
This is the Web's premier publishing resource site. Included is information on such topics as book designers, book binders, bookstores, self-publishing, multimedia publishing, publishing organizations and music publishing. Why wait. Go now!

Brighthouse Web Services
This site offers a full range of Web services for businesses and individuals. Included are such services as consulting, design, assembly, maintenance and storage, all available for reasonable rates. Get your own page today!

CapitalNET Cardiff
Go here to see one of the newest cities on the net. The creators dreams are to have a Simm city of sorts, but with no taxes and everyone is happy. Enjoy.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange
This site has become the first futures and options exchange on the Internet. Surfers can find price updates from the real exchanges, get the latest news, see the picture gallery, scan the markets and more. Buy low. Sell High!

CNN Financial Network
Here you can use a searchable database to get the financial and business news you need today, to make important financial decisions. Why wait! Go now!

Have a Coke and a smile. :)

Surf this way to see many different shops, department stores and services all in one place. You can order goods, read articles, get software and more. Kool dude!

Cyberville Radio
Surf this way to see the newest and most splendid Internet radio station to hit the cyber air waves. Featured are exclusives, contests, fun and games, lists of what's hot, and what's not. Get it here now while it's still news.

David Enterprises Apparel
This site features Enigma Concept apparel. They have one of a kind fashions, imported apparel and domestic lines for your window shopping pleasure. You can order on line in their store. Get your outfit today!

Surf here to see the Virtual Showroom of Cars, Cars and more Cars. This page is informative, enticing and really kool. Why wait? Cruise on over and see your dream car today!

4Dining: New York City's Online Restaurant Guide
Surfers, are you looking for something different? Planning a big night out? Need a new menu of choices? 4Dining gives you instant access to a wide range of dining options. You can read menus, check out prices, and order online from over 5000 restaurants in New York City. Bon Appetite!

Federal Express
Or, for Federal Express packages, use this address.

Herein is a cool place that has lots of great business information, free online calculators and applications for home mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. Go here now!

440 International
Go here to get the experts opinions about what you you need to make your radio station one of the best. They have hundreds of radio station links, programming services, a promo and commercial copy writing center, an on air sales department and more. Enjoy!

Surf here to get the best in Web Surfing Gear, like caps, t-shirts, pocket protectors, anti-reflective glasses and more. Read the latest in Geek Week, a bi-weekly column written by geeks, dedicated to none other, than geeks.

Hoover's Online
Hoover's Online, which includes access to Hoover's database of over 8,000 public and private company capsules. There's a search engine for searching by location, annual revenue, and industry, as well as by name. There's also a weekly business newsletter called BizBuzz, a directory of the latest, greatest corporate Web sites, and so on. It's mostly free, although you must pay a registration fee to read some detailed information.

This site is a great example of a magazine creating a web presence that offers a lot more than just electronic reprints of its paper copy articles. A good example is the weekly updated interactive worksheets in which business experts have created online tools for analyzing your own business practices. Inc.Online also features articles and interviews written exclusively for the web site and a searchable archive of previous issues.

Internet Expressions
Check out this cool site whose graphics are awesome, full of depth and very detailed. This site does graphic illustrations, custom programming, and web designs. You can also link to places to get your page noticed

International Language Development
Go here to get interactive lessons for six different languages. The format for these languages is in Real audio. You can learn Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, and German. Muy bueno!

International Network of Women in Technology
Here is a site dedicated to helping women " break through the glass ceiling". Included in the vast number of resources available here, are links to related sites, articles about current technologies, and a woman's view of what's up in Cyberspace.

The Internet Antique Shop Mall
This comprehensive area for online antique information offers a variety of resources, ranging from store listings to book and magazine links. Hundreds of items are available for purchase from dealers around the world. Sellers can get information about having their sites promoted on this homepage.

Internet Movie Database
Surf this way to get the scoop on today's hottest movies, or yesterday's treasures. Here you can surf to other sites via links, get cool pictures, sound waves, read articles and more. Very nice site !

JDG Design
Surf here to see JDG's broad collection of graphical displays of business solutions. This is not just any ordinary page, for here they have award winning designer applications of products. A picture is worth a thousands words. Kool dude!

Job Finder
Just think that new career could be waiting for you on the Web. Just visit this site and it could change your life.

Kool Bear Kool Wear
Go here to get some kool garments, surf to other sites or just kick back and enjoy the scenery. Awesome dude!

Law Guru
A carefully assembled site of more than 340+ legal related search engines combined into a "gigantic" metaindex search tool. These are not just links to the search engines but the actual search forms for each engine. It is a great tool for legal research allowing you to access for free much of what major commercial service still charge lots of money for.

Our listTool - Mailing and Discussion List Manager makes the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to over 500+ mailing and discussion lists easy. Enter your email address, select the mailing list, pick the command and press the "Send Command to List" button and our software will do the rest. Users can also search our database of thousands of legal questions and answers or post a free question to our network of 190+ attorneys across the United States. Attorneys can join the network for free.

Market Link
This site promotes business across the board, and across the world! Supported here are multilingual transactions, global market analysis, and international promotion. Why ? Because Market Link cares about your business.

Merrill Lynch
If the world of finance confuses you, surf over to the web presence of this investment firm for some useful information about the nuts and bolts of economics. The site offers tips for successful investing, news and research on market indicators, and a business planning center.

This site, which was created by Micro Format, contains instructions for making 3-D images and printing them on 3-D Virtual Reality Paper. In addition to publicizing the company's specialty paper products, there's information for hiding images on Hot Stuff Color Change Paper.

Microsoft Small Business Resource
Small business owners, surf this way to learn more about accessing and creating information on the Internet.This is MSN's newest addition to their Small Business Resource program, aimed at helping small businesses achieve maximum exposure using MS software and advanced computer technology.

NationJob Network
Surf this way to find the job you have always dreamed of. Surfers can use a fully interactive database to search the entire world for a job, as specified by the criteria entered in the forms. Excellent screen format and a large database make this a site to bookmark for any job hunter!

The Netropolis is the entertainment and shopping metaphor of the future. Just like the city you live in, Netropolis has a variety of districts and has links to many others. From the downtown BUSINESS and GOVERNMENT sections to the splendid ART galleries and the Netro mall. Netropolis provides many of the same services as a major city.

Nokia Asia
Visit the Nokia Asia page, do some searching and you could win a Nokia mobile telephone.

Orkin Bug Eliminator
Check out this site to find out much more about bugs, and how Orkin has devised new methods for taking care of those troublesome pests. Why wait. Go now!

Outfitters' Unlimited
As we reach the middle of summer, the primal urges start to rise in our bodies. All you can think of is being outdoors and being one with nature. Outfitters' Unlimited will bring you one step closer to your dreams.

Questel/Orbit, a member of the France Telecom Group and a major database provider is offering surfers a chance to search a database containing over 200,000 different patents. Easy to use windows and excellent capabilities make this a true leader in Information Technology development.

Rhone Poulenc
Brand new on the Internet is a site by one of the world's 7-th largest chemical and pharmaceutical groups, Rhone Poulenc. Surfers can view job, industrial trends, and other company information all under one roof.

Surf this way to see a site of such color and style which delights the senses and tickles your mind, leaving you in awe. R&R is America's leading publication to the radio and record industries. For over 20 years R&R has been the authoritative source for radio industry and chart information.

Satellites: Future Watch
If small satellite technology appeals to your logical senses, then visit Surrey University. Here they have the most recent information about small satellites as well as link to other sources.

Smart Business Supersite
Whether your business is a start up or has been around for 50 years, SBS has information of value to you. You'll find articles, checklists, reports, profiles of books, software, newsletters, magazines and much more. Go here today!

Southwestern Exposure
The bargain hunter in you can come out to play at the Southwestern Exposure web site. Stop in and pick up a good deal.

Sovietski Collection
Go here for a large collection of products from Russia and the former Soviet Union. Included are MiG-29 and nuclear submarine clocks, silver spoons, KGB spy binoculars, and silver medallions. Order yours today!

Need information about such subjects as demographics or opinion polls? Survey-Net has poll data on a wide area of topics, including shopping, religion and politics.

Toyota - Cyber cars for sale
Toyota now has their own web page full of fascinating information concerning every product they make. This web site also has their newest models, projects on the drawing board and more.

This site sells T-shirts and lots more. It's a good example of a commercial site and includes some interesting work using animation, sound, and Java. It uses digital camera technology to display their items.

Twentieth Century Fox
Here is the official home page of Twentieth Century Fox. Surfers can get kool art, sound, articles, graphics, animations, previews of upcoming movies, and more.

Twin Brooks Antique and Collectibles
Come shopping at this on-line antique shop that specializes in vintage toys, Disneyana, character collectibles, games, jewelry, paper memorabilia, accessories, valentines and lots more. The site also lists upcoming antique shows and cultural events happening in the Northeast .

Track your UPS packages online. This site enable you to get up-to-the-minute information on where your packages are, who sent it, and who signed for it.

WASK - Air Power
WASK in now online. See a brand new home page with some of today's hottest celebrities - direct from Indianapolis. Why wait. Go now.

Women in Business Cyberspace Field of Dreams
Herein is a finely displayed site, designed to promote women in business on the Internet. Included are several different pages of information, links, graphics and more. Sweet dreams!

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