Animated Cursor Schemes for Windows 95
This site offers several cursor schemes that can spruce up your tired-looking computer screen. There are sports, outdoors, bugs and many other schemes which can replace 14 of the standard Windows 95 mouse pointers

Animation Projects
These animation's were submitted as final class projects by students in Computer Science 418 at Cornell University during the 1994 and 1995 spring semesters.

Big Mac
OK we will try to help the Mac users out there. The University of Texas Big Mac Archive should bring you some needed help.

Don't face them alone. Get BugNet -- The global resource for PC bugs and fixes.

Casino Verite
Herein are award winning casino practice software tools for novices and professionals. You can download files, order products, get screenshots, and read casino related materials. Good luck!

Computer Almanac: Interesting and Useful Numbers About Computers
If you're looking for statistics on computers, surf over to this fact-filled homepage. This site reprints magazine and newspaper articles that deal with issues like computer-related injuries, crime, useage statistics and lots more.

Computer ESP
Access information for over 20,000 computer dealers and vendors with millions of products. Just search or browse by keywords and category names. It's that easy so go find them at the following address:

Computer Science Bibliography Collection
Herein is a collection of nearly 670 bibliographies from the field of computer science. Users can search this noted site using a form based interface. This is a must site to learn more about technology changing your life. Surf and seek now!

Go here for information about the many new facets of Information Technology. Surfers can learn about new technology concepts, read fascinating articles, get product descriptions, or surf to other sources via links.

Create a Page
Surf here to find out more about creating your own web pages. This site is very user friendly, incorporates good graphics and lets the users create at their own pace. Job well done!

CyMurCom Command Central
CyMurCom Command Central features a superior collection of animation, graphics and software files. It's ultra-sleek design, finely crafted by Stephen Murray, is accentuated by an other-worldy theme filled with planet icons and a deep space background. The highlight of Mr. Murray's site is Cyberscan; a collection of nine search engine submission forms that range from the mega- popular info seekers like Alta Vista and Yahoo to the obscure, Inktomi and Savvy Search. Mr. Murray's resume and contact information is also available at CyMurCom Command Central.

The Fastest Way To Promote Your Site
For a fee of $65-$100, this site will automatically register your website with 100 search engines. It also offers some useful free information concerning strategies for using keywords to successfully promote your website.

Falcon Interactive
This hands-on, interactive site can take you through the web building experience with a step-by-step approach. First, you'll create a basic, text-only page and as you become more skilled you'll improve your web page with some flashy add-ons. This site also contains gallerys of HTML graphics and how-to HTML advice.

FirstSite: Best of the Web
Herein is a site filled with information, including such topics as family matters, health and fitness, entertainment, money, business and people. Excellent web design and content. See a trend setter. Go here today!

Jump City
Visit here to jump your way across the Internet by entering the sites code, or by doing a keyword search. This site is home to "What's on the Web", which contains reviews of new Web sites and editorial features. The book, in both electric and paper format, includes over 1,500 of the Best Web Sites, sample graphics and more. Why wait. Get your copy today!

Galatea Productions.
If you're curious about the multimedia possibilities of the Shockwave add-on, surf on over to the Galatea media production company's web site. In addition to promoting the company's production capabilities (including the creation of videos, still photos, multi-image shows, and graphic designs) , they have created some innovative Shockwave animations.

Internet US Yellow Pages
Online US yellow pages directory. Provides the options to search statewide as well as browsing by state or category

Jayde Online Directory
If you're looking for some above-average web pages to explore, surf on over to this directory which offers indices of the best homepages. This also features free URL listings, free ad space and JavaScript support.

Macromedia Shocks the Web
Surf this way to get Shockwave, Macromedia's newest technology. Shockwave allows users to create a web page full of depth and splendor as never seen on the Internet before. Sites using Shockwave enable surfers to enjoy the sights and sounds of multimedia right online. Need to sell your products faster? Get your copy of Shockwave today!

Find any address in the United States. One of the most comprehensive mapping sites on the Web.

What more can we say this week... other than to visit Microsoft on the Internet for Windows 95 information and downloads.

Whether you're a DJ, a producer or just love music, you'll be amazed to discover how easy it is to get into the groove. Download a demo track and discover how you can use your computer as a digital sound mixer.

This site takes submissions of any or all web sites. Within is a large collection of linked sites ranging from VRML to Java. Submit your favorite site today!

Multimedia Index
This site holds a comprehensive listing of multimedia related sites available on the Web including programming software, digital video, animation, graphics, audio, business and legal magazines and newsletters.

My Virtual Reference Desk
Explore the many drawers of the Virtual Reference Desk. This site offers an interactive cyber trek around the world. Sounds like fun.

National Information Infrastructure Awards
This site is taking nominations for Kool sites on the web. The awards honor "innovation and excellence" in the use of the information highway. From electronic commerce to broadband, the NII awards looks for projects that show the use of new technologies to make our electronic village a better place. Enter today!

Nerd's Heaven
Surf this way today to see what software is available from the Internet. Herein is the collected works of shareware and commercial programs. Other computer products also available.Go here today!

Precision Computer Works
This company homepage publicizes the computing services offered for home and business users. They provide a wide range of services ranging from virus dectection/removal to web creations.

Randy's Windows 95 Resource Center - Home Page
A great resource for Windows 95 Software, links, and news. If you have Windows 95, check this site out.

Project Open - Making the Internet Work for You
Surf this way if you are interested in formulating future rules about Internet materials, access and more. You can get a free brochure, read articles and make you voice heard!

Security Newsletter
This monthly electronic newsletter covers all types of computer security including hardware and software, encryption, firewalls, and hacker, virus, and theft prevention.

Shareware City
Come visit the father of shareware home page. You can find the true story of how shareware got it's start and links to every type of shareware product on the web.

Software Zone Game Pages
This site offers shareware/demo versions of some of the newest, hottest games on the market. The Software Zone tests and virus checks all of their offerings. You'll also find forums, a search engine and chat rooms.

Stroud's CWSApps List
A software library page. It has some of the most latest software on the net. From new files dealing with Windows95 to the latest netscape browser.

Sun SITE Central Europe
Based in Aachen, Germany, the Sun SITE Central Europe is now offering access to file archives of programs for Hot Java, the CICA archive, Amiga, and Linux programs, plus other free and shareware software.

Technofile Magazine
Surf this way today to get the layman's interpretation of what's up with modern technology. Included is a section on "gadgets, guides, and gimicks". Go here today!

Telecomputer Research
Telecommunications & Data Communications Management Consultants have created a web site to promote their cost-reduction programs for businesses.

Teleport is one of the web's finest Internet TV resource guides. You can submit URL's or link to many different places under such topics as: magazines, networks (both local and international), newsgroups, and TV shows. Very, very nice! Surf here today!

TWIG: The Windows Internet Guide
Within is TWIGS's "Mastering the Internet", a 200 page on-line Internet guide. Also here are news, entertainment, and a special section dedicated to Microsoft Windows. Wow!

WebABLE serves people with disabilities and provides information to Internet service providers about how to better enable their sites for easy access by disabled people. The web pages are also intended for adaptive, assertive, and access technology res earchers, users, and manufacturers.

Web-AID: The Internet's Ultimate HTML Resource
This site provides a huge compilation of HTML resources. Whether you're looking for background images or icons, Web-AID has it all. It even sports an interactive background library.

WhoWhere Email Addresses
Need to find someone's email address?

This is indeed the world's largest Windows software archive. Herein is a very large collection of windows games, applications, utilities, and more. Get your copy today!

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