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Interested in the federal government? Check out Fedworld.

GTE SuperPages: Interactive Yellow Pages
The interactive yellow pages includes over 10 million businesses and links to about 60,000 web sites developed by companies to supply information or distribution of their products and services. Search for phone numbers and addresses for businesses by typing in key words, zip codes, states and many other options.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Information
Are you looking for information on bargain housing information? The HUD USER is the primary source for federal government reports and information on housing policy and programs, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and other housing-related topics.

Jupiter on the Horizon
Surf to one of NASA's pages for the latest information on the Galileo spacecraft. Galileo's mission is to explore strange new worlds, like Jupiter. Awesome photos available.

To celebrate the recent launch of the space shuttle we invite you to visit NASA's home page. The stars are the limit.

NASA Langley Distributed Active Archive
Get the latest, free goodies that NASA has to offer. You can get satellite, ground, and aircraft data. I wonder, any photos of UFO's from area 51?

National Debt: A View of Time
From here you can view the National Debt Wall Clock. Tick, Tock, National Debt, now got a clock!!

National Park? Where are You?
L.L. Bean has the info. on over 900 parks around the U.S. Photos available too!!

This site contains many reference links to other sites, as well as in house information concerning NATO, Europe and the entire world.Will Russia join NATO? Surf and Seek now!

Paranormal Resources
If you've seen aliens, UFO's or mysterious black helicopters, this homepage wants to hear from you. This site provides links to a variety of homepages that deal with unexplained phenomena. Write about your spooky experiences and read about others. Learn what a Chupacabra is and how to protect yourself from horrible La Chupa.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
In addition to publicizing the activities of the department, this site allows visitors to send e-mail to local government officials and learn about employment/internship positions with DEP. For non-Pennsylvanians, there are numerous links to web pages that deal with environmental subjects like recycling, air-quality issues, water management.

After you read about Whitewater, make sure that you are politically correct in all you do.

National Journal's Cloakroom
Get the latest information about the US political scene.

The Royal Australian Air Force is seeking qualified applicants for their programs. Next year is the RAAF's 75th anniversary, and they're going to put on one heck of a show. Why wait! Go now !

Securities and Exchange Info. Line
The financial page listing all securities listed with the SEC. Get the latest annual report or 10k issued by your favorite company!!

Smithsonian Libraries
This is a must page for anyone who wants to know more about what the Smithsonian Institute has to offer and its roll in shaping our world's societies. You can get the most up to date news, links to specific topics plus a whole lot more. Enjoy!

Sun SITE Central Europe
Based in Aachen, Germany, the Sun SITE Central Europe is now offering access to file archives of programs for Hot Java, the CICA archive, Amiga, and Linux programs, plus other free and shareware software.

US Federal Budget
This site, using CIVIX database technology, has a complete record of where every penny of your tax dollar has been spent. They also have free software which allows you to create your own budget. I wonder, will the Government ever be in the blue? Why wonder. Surf here today for an answer.

Virtual Underground World of Spies and Intelligence
Does the government cover up for those strange, little green guys who land their saucer-shaped space ships in midwestern corn fields? Visit the site to discover the secrets of spies and intelligence cells. The sites list relate to spies, investigations, terrorist profiles, UFOs, intelligence reports, privacy on the Internet, and the militias. On the lighter side, there are also listings for TV and movie techno-thrillers

World's Children 1996
This site houses the special 50th anniversary edition of UNICEF'S annual report. Fifty years for Children supplemented with tables, Children in war, and an Antiwar agenda are just a few of the items in this fine site. Surf and Seek now!

Send a fax to Rush Limbaugh, or send him E-mail, hear his voice and more!

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