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Web Page Creation for the most part is relatively easy, but time consuming. The tricky part is getting the page noticed and making it pleasing to the eye. If you've been on the Internet for any length of time, you will have noticed pages with such no-no's  as color creation errors (backgrounds that don't allow you to see the text ,or color contrast problems that are painful to the eye), image problems (images that don't load or load too slowly), and design problems (frames that lock you into a site or pages that end up in "404 Page Not Found" errors). All of these problems discourage the visitor from ever coming back to your site.

My pages are clean, concise, and get the point across. I like the philosophy IBM pushes with their web ads - Dennis Leary watching guys look at "cool things" to place on their pages, and Dennis asks "Did you ever just think of selling something?"...Straight and to the point.

I offer the following services:

  • Setup, Design, and Creation of Web Pages
  • Storage of pages "on the web"
  • Announcement of pages to the various search engines

Send email to mark@webtrail.com for more information:

Southern Oregon now has Internet Access through many different providers.
For a list of ISP's and their current prices, please visit the

If you're having trouble getting connected to the Internet or navigating around the Internet, I provide setup and training. Whether you're using shareware programs such as Trumpet, Eudora, WS_FTP, Free Agent, and Netscape or a commercial product such as Internet in a Box, I can help. All instruction is on a one-on-one basis by appointment in your home or office. I'll setup the software, configure it, and show you how to use it (along with some shortcuts and good places to visit on the web).

My Portfolio

Please visit some of the pages I created and let me know what you think.


If you're interested in having your own home page or want to place your page on the Internet,
please call me at (541) 471-1357 or email me at mark@webtrail.com

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