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American Museum of Papermaking
Yes, the Internet is a place to learn the fine art of making paper airplanes. The American Museum of Papermaking is on the Web with a virtual tour that traces the history, art, and science of papermaking from 2000 BC to today.

Angel Net
Surf here to see some beautiful graphics of Angels, photos of Dolphins and other goodies. Surfers can read articles about the works displayed. Like a breath of fresh air, this site makes life grand!

Calvin and Hobbes Home Page
If you've ever wondered how Bill Waterson found the names for the cartoon characters, Calvin and Hobbes, you need to visit this site. The Calvin and Hobbes Home Page features an extensive history about the medieval namesakes of the cartoon characters and some other cartoon links.

Caught in the Web
Herein is a site full of more than 65 graphically based pages. Some of the subjects included are Sci-fi, Monty Python, Edgar Allan Poe, and Texas. Enter their contest for a free web page. Have fun!

Celebrity Face Transformations
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Madonna and Kathy Lee Gifford had their faces electronically combined? Wait no more and cruise over to this site that uses frames to combine the faces of your favorite and least favorite big shots.

Children's Stories, Poems and Pictures
This site has a vast collection of children's stories, poems, pictures, magazines, movie clips, and links to other fun places!

Comics: The Xene Scene
Surf this way to take a peek at a new comic anthology , "Xene-Two," featuring the best of Singaporean artists & writers. This site is packed with kool computer-generated graphics and far-out fantasy and science fiction stories.

Conquest of the New World
This site will enable you to get a preview of the adventure game called Conquest of the New World. It requires the Macromedia Shockwave Plug-In to tap into the website where dynamic animations will come to life. Gamers can also play recreate demonstrations of combat sequences from the game almost instantly.

Crayola Greeting Cards
Surf this way to enter a contest to create one of the best greeting cards using crayons. Surfers can also find many other colorful attractions. Ah, often today I color just to revisit my inner child.

Customized Double Speak
Here within is some of the most descriptive epithets a person might say when stress rules. If you don't have anything nice to say, surf this way for some real slammers.

Dungeons and Dragons - The Adventure Begins
If D & D is what you're looking for,then visit now. Here, they have online games you can download and, of course, this site has many links to other cool places!

The Electric Origami Shop
This site is devoted to colorful images and all the fun things one can do with them. The page devoted to kaleidoscopes discusses the history of the non-electronic versions and provides some computer programming ideas for creating your own.

Epic Games
This is one of the major shareware game producers, so stop by and check what's new and up and coming.

Eric's Home
Surf this way to see great photos, paintings, and drawings. You can also link to many different fascinating sites. Enjoy!

Flight Simulator Toolkit Homepage
Learning to fly a real airplane can take years, but computer flight simulators can often be mastered in a weekend. Seasoned flight simulator users and people looking for share/freeware will find this site useful. It doubles as the homepage for the Gripen Flightsim.

Friday's Child
Friday's Child, a web site which provides kids access to two different scavenger hunts. Kool, sounds like fun. Good luck.

Groiler Crossword Competition
Enter today in Groiler's international crossword competition. Prizes are awarded in January. Why wait. Go now. Good luck!

This site is a women's gateway, which explores issues relevant to the female domain. Surfers can get tips, humor, reviews, important information, and links to some of the the web's best sites for women. Why wait. Go now!

ID Software
The creators of DOOM have their very own Web page on-line and you can check out their newest games and other releases or just browse around.

Kings of Comedy
Are you up for a good laugh. Stop and checkout Jay Leno and David Letterman links on the Kings of Comedy page.

Magic Page
Here is all you wanted to know about magic and more.

MovieLink 777FILM Online
Browse the latest movie information by film or by theater. Each film has background information, where it's playing, the times, and some even have trailers. And once you've decide on what, where, and when, you can purchase your tickets online!

Pop Rocket's Game Arena
Surf here to be dazzled by Shockwave animation. Included here are games for everyone. Surfers have a number of choices of games ranging in difficulty. Enjoy!

Mr. Showbiz
Mr. Showbiz is the entertainment news coverage magazine that's a must for lovers of the big screen.

Nerd World
Visit one of the most dedicated pages on the web to Nerds. Grab your pocket protector and go now!

Here is a political humor site which features images with humorous captions, political cartoons, campaign stickers, and more. Ha, Ha!

Quake: A New 3-D Game Brought to You by the Makers of Doom
Quake, a new three-dimensional, shoot-em-up game from Id Software is now available online. You can download the software and see for yourself how this 3-D video game will change the face of gaming. Some say Quake will change the face of gaming forever.

007 - Spy vs Spy
United International Pictures' home page is the home of none other than Bond, James Bond, the protector of freedom for all. Go James. Go.

Public Domain
Herein is a site that is definitely kool. Surfers can read a humorous advice column that provides happy solutions to the problems users have. Help answer a question or get a laugh today!

Surf this way to get see a really cool web design. You can download graphics, music, AVI, and photos. Also, you can surf via tons of links. Very well displayed site!

Scifi Channel Online
The Home of the Dominion. Check out the Scifi Web page for goodies and more.

Soundbites: Turn it Louder!
This site has some of the funniest News Satire and Comedy I have ever seen on the web. For a good laugh visit Soundbites.

Spikes House
Internationally famous movie director Spike Lee will be online September 12 to discuss his new movie, Clockers. The event is being simulcast on CompuServe, Microsoft Network, and the Internet. The Internet part of the event will be available via Universal Pictures' Web site, the MCA/Universal Cyberwalk.

Star Wars - May the Force be with You!
Star Wars changed the world. Eric's home page has lots of fun things to see. Go Now -- Young Jedi.

Universal VIP
Now on the Web site is Universal Pictures where you can talk to the stars or hear quotes from your favorite movies. Just stop in and look around and you will be amazed at all the things this Web page has to offer.

Vent's Fun Time
This site means fun and lots of it. It features hilarious links to joke pages, Simpsons homepages, Calvin and Hobbes pages, something called the abuse-a-tron and many others.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment
VIE, the first game publisher to use Shockwave on its site, offers visitors an unprecedented quantity of information including demos, game update patches, hints, support, flashing images, and dynamic design. Experience VIE today!

Win 95 Joke Wallpaper
This site has some of the funniest wall paper and screen saver graphics to ever hit the computer screen. One of the screamers is a picture of a flaming Mac PowerBook with the caption:"What do you have on your PowerBook? I'm about to grill a couple of burgers on mine.' Ha ha!

World's Fastest Beach Party
The Toyota Grand Prix Association of Long Beach is now providing information about the race through the streets of Long Beach from April 12 through April 14. Enjoy.

Here is a very deep and rich site for surfers of all ages. Surfers will find a Gamer's zone, an Internet Hotel, a School House, a Multimedia Cafe, and more. Great content and fantastic graphics! Have fun!

World Watch
Click, Click . From here you can link to most, if not all the cameras connected to the Internet. This site is a trend setter for the future.

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