ALR Advocate
Behold, here is a site dedicated to religion, politics, satire, news, and entertainment. Surfers can read articles or commentary, get graphics, and more. Go here today!


Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium
Is a co-worker driving you crazy at work? If you're ready to unleash some bad cyber-carma on the unsuspecting ingrate, visit Aunt Agatha's site and download a computer voodoo doll. This self-proclaimed "rage page" offers an area to discuss pagan and metaphysical issues.


A Word A Day
A word a day, keeps the dictionary doctor away. Visit this site to enter the magic realm of words, where the sun always shines, and the birds are always singing.


Banned Books
The thing that the items on this page have in common is that they have all been the point of focus for censorship or attempts at some point to be censored.


Castboy's "The Couch"
Visit here and see candid Polaroids of your favorite TV, film, and music stars, taken in actual Hollywood casting sessions. Included are photos of Arnold, Sly, and dozens of others. Enjoy!


Let the chocolate lover in you come out and play. Visit the Godiva Chocolatier, the chocolate lover's playground


Chris's Home
Herein is a site full of links to programming resources, general fun and kool art. Also, here surfers will find a photo gallery, news and more. Enjoy!


Court TV
Get the latest of what's up in the many courts of the land. This site provides extensive coverage of what's hot under the gavel.


Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
Surf this way for the definitive guide to free film scripts on the Internet. Herein are over 80 full length scripts and transcripts, references and more. Lights, camera, action!


Flamingo Surprise Home Page
Is your lawn looking a little bare? Well the Original Flamingo Surprise may be exactly what you're looking for. They've got all kinds of lawn toys, including the famous pink flamingo, flags and lots more.


Gene's Eclectic Collection
Herein is a collection of sites worthy of inspection. Not often do you find have so much variety all in one place. Included are links to financial, railroading, academic, and fun sites. Surf and seek now!


Paul Haeberli's evolving computer graphics notebook. This is a compilation of technical notes, pictures, and essays that he's accumulated over the years.


James Wolfe
Check out a site that offers book reviews, articles and interesting insights on such topics as Stonehenge and the Holy Grail. Have fun!


Another Internet directory assistance. For any e-mail address you're looking for this will locate it for you. Just dial up the following address:


Madison: The Genius Cat
Madison, the genius cat answers questions, gives advice, solicits petting and promotes the blue paws campaign for freedom of food. Kool graphics, good content and lots of fun things to do, make this site one to bookmark!


Missing Children Hotline
Harvey Gordon, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of PC Guide has recently created an interactive web site that'll make it easier to spread the word about missing children and get timely feedback to the proper law enforcement agencies. Visit I'm Lost, today for more information.


This site is home to North America's oldest shortwave broadcast listening club. You can get articles, communication updates and much more. Connect today!


National Child Rights Alliance
Surf to NCRA for in-depth information direct from people who are survivors of neglect and child abuse. Children are people too.


NetWatcher E-zine
Herein is a site truly dedicated to keeping a legal eye on developments concerning the net, and the freedom of speech we all enjoy. Go here to get the latest news that can affect you!


New York Subway's
Take a ride on the reading railroad, that is, the subways of New York. This site features current schedules, history and other cool stuff.


Picture Framing Magazine
Herein is a monthly picture framing magazine dedicated to the picture frame and art gallery industries. Included are articles, links and more.


Pleiades Network
This web site has compiled one of the most comprehensive collections of articles, photos, and a calendar of events specifically dedicated to women. Rarely do you find a web site that has so much to offer. Job well done!


Singapore Mint
There's gold on this page and lots of it. The Singapore Mint is the hot spot for coin collectors -- you can see the Singapore lion gold bullion coin, gold and silver Disney coins, gold proof medallion, and a lot more.


St. Patrick's Day -- Clover All Over
Surf this way to celebrate an Irish born holiday. In fact, you might find the mythical pot of gold that Leprechauns are famous for having. Are you wearing green? No? Pinch, Pinch! Enjoy!


The Great Shot Glass Search
Herein is an ever growing collection of shot glasses from around the world. Send in your shot glass and get a Free CD-ROM. Slam and send, it's that easy.


Stormy's Simplistic Solutions
This site probes the interests and ideas of Stormy, a self-proclaimed "web-aholic." Stormy likes country music and comedy and she's not shy about providing links to her favorites. There are also web graphics galore and other fun stuff.


The House of the Yahweh
This site researches and exposes the many interesting truths in prophecy and shows how past cultures and religions affect our lives, and the entire world. An educational experience and a real eye-opener for all!


The Spot
Winner of the 'Webby' award The Spot, launched June 7 as the world's first episodic Web site, revolves around the daily happenings of five attractive, twenty-something house mates living in a legendary California beach house.


TV Search and Remind
If science fiction just does it for you, this TV search engine will allow you to retrieve the start times for all the sci fi shows for the upcoming week. It will even generate an e-mail reminder the day before your favorite Babylon 5 is set to air. For concerned parents living in the pre-V chip era, they can search for shows containing violence or sexual explicit themes.


TV Week Network
Surf here to get the latest coverage of all of the major networks, including their programming, ratings, out-takes and top stories.


UFO Folklore
Surf this way to get new and exciting UFO information in a highly visual and entertaining style. Included are special features, UFO artwork , articles, graphics, and more. Great design and kool theme! Beam me up Scotty!


Virtual Reference Sites
If you've ever been stuck for a correct spelling or the date that the Civil War began, visit this site for an excellent listing of the most popular information reference homepages. Some of the links reference calculators, dictionaries, historical fact finders, area and zip code finders, TV guides and many others.


Billed as the largest directory and premier search service for women's content online, WWWomen is aiming to become the Yahoo for women. Indices of links can be searched or browsed in sections, including arts and entertainment, business and finance, computers and the Internet, diversity, education and many more.


Xander Mellish: Short Stories and Cartoons
Check out this site which features comic drawings, short fiction, audio of eight different characters, news updates, poster offers, and reader feedback from around the world. Fantistico!


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