This magazine from Time Warner presents the most up to date in formation about Asian countries. Find the latest news on Asia or just dig through past issues for old news. Asiaweek can be found at the following addresses:

Australia and New Zealand Travelogue
The best travel section around. Philip Greenspun's Travelogue of Australia and New Zealand contains over 70 photos on 60 plus pages The entire Travelogue from Philip Greenspun is filled with 600 plus pages of information along with 2000 beautiful photos. All located at the following addresses:

Canadian Forest Watch
Canadians value their forests for many reasons: jobs, habitat, recreation, and cultural heritage. They want the best possible balance of protection and wise use of this resource, which covers nearly half the nation and makes up 10 per cent of all the earth's forests. For some beautiful scenery go visit our friends to the north.

Contential Airlines Home
This site has four areas dedicated to helping consumers decide when to fly. Users can read articles about the history of flying, use an online travel planner and more. Go here to make your vacation planning easier!

European Directory
The European directory offers search engine of the EWWW in addition to indexes of Web sites by subject and country. Just let your fingers do the walking. Why wait! Go now!

European Weather and Climate Center Now Online
Visit the newest member of the Web community. The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts has weather predictions for the next six days.

Experience New Orleans!
Surf this way to read about the famous Honey Island Swamp, where sightings of Big Foot abound! You can also read about New Orleans' city of the dead, see artwork and more. Have fun!

Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals, Airline Tickets

  French Travel Gallery
Visit here to book a flight to the City of Love, Paris France. This site has done a wonderful job of displaying all your travel needs including airlines, hotels, restaurants and hot tourist attractions. Au revoir!

Guide to Hamamatsu
Go here to get the latest news about one of Japan's biggest cities Hamamatsu. Included are details about the hotels, events, tourism attractions and culture of this ancient city. Enjoy!

Global Climate
Check out this page if you need climate information for anywhere in the world. This site is especially useful for scientists, who need data about global warming.

Global Show 'n'Tell
This site is a virtual museum of children's artwork from across the world. Everything is divided up into different age groups to include the works of children 2 and under and young adults to the age of 17. Enjoy.


Gorp, the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
On Gorp you can find all kinds of travel and outdoors information for the adventurous side of you.

Expand your understanding of Iceland. This site contains tourist information, lots of seafood recipes and a large database on fish.

Japan - Land of Mystery
This is indeed one of the best sites to learn more about Japan. Island Telecommunications offers many links to cool and fascinating places. Why wait. Go now.

Motel America
Yesterday's travels bring fond memories. This site has dedicated its efforts to creating a fantastic journey throughout the country side of America. Job well done!

News from the Far East
This site has tons of information about such places as Russia, Japan, China and Korea. Increase your culture awareness today!

Nigeria - Ancient Lands
Visit the land of the ancients, as displayed in one of Nigeria's home pages to learn more about a people whose ancestry dates back to the beginnings of human civilization.

Northwest Voyager
Surf this way to voyage across the web via links, or participate in forums. You can also visit the zoo, get free auto web pages and more.

Lets blast across the ocean to our friends in Brighton, to a little quaint village called Pavilion. There some interesting links and other fascinating things to see.

Pitcairn Island
Surf this way to the home of the descendants of the famous "Mutiny on the Bounty". This islands closest neighbor is 1,000 miles away and the beaches are always open. Sounds like paradise.

Reed Travel Group
Herein is a site which can help you find that hotel or motel anywhere is the U.S.. Users can search the database, which includes links to more than 5, 000 different lodging sites.

Sunset Resort Villas - Jamaica
Take a vacation to Sunset Resort Villas located at Treasure beach in Jamaica. Surfers can get information on rates, activities, hot spots and more. My bags are packed.

The Connected Traveler
This is a traveling magazine with many color photos and articles to read. So if you are interested in seeing the world through the Internet this might be the place to go.

Surf this way to see one of the best sites on the web for finding travel information. Included are over 200,000 pages of travel-related information from two different databases. Surfers can make reservations, read about package deals and more. Nice site!!

The Virtual Tourist World Map
The Virtual Tourist World Map is the web page designed for those who want to surf the world. You just click on a country and you zoom your off to a site in that area.

Planning a trip or just in the mood for an adventure. You can find what you're after on the TravelWeb.

If you enjoy traveling or just interested in pictures of far off lands we suggest you visit Webfoot.

Yes this is actually a gateway into the Soviet Union. The most compelling reason to visit this site is all the great graphics.


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