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A Note On Recreational Vehicle Safety

We could probably never say enough about safety. Let's take just a moment to think about the following list of items that could be a lifesaver. LITERALLY!

Smoke Alarm: If you don't have one, get one and install it immediately! Look at the little critter. See the button? Push it to test the alarm system monthly. Change the battery yearly.

Fire Extinguisher: Have at least two... one in the cooking area, and one close to the sleeping facilities. The fire departments recommend a 2A-10BC, it's a 5 pound dry chemical extinguisher, and can be used against any type of fire. With an adequate fire extinguisher and quick detection, your chances of putting out most fires are good.

L.P. Leak Detector: All your appliances operate with propane, (stove/oven, furnace water-heater, and refrigerator) which is safe and dependable, but it's also flammable. Propane is heavier than air, (if there is a leak) it settles to the floor. That's why a detector should be installed with-in one foot of the floor.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: This is a completely odorless and colorless gas that can be deadly, and it's only detected with a chemical alarm. Have your exhaust systems checked... furnace, refrigerator, and generator. Install the alarm at waist to shoulder level, and replace the battery yearly. Any one of these items could save a life... our goal is to make you all SAFE and HAPPY campers!

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